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John started Orthodox Church Supplies of America over 40 years ago in Boston, Massachusetts. Now, he and his youngest son, George, run our company.

We supply everything you need for the Church and your home, including Icons, Vigil Lamps, Censers, Tabernacles, Charcoal, Incense, Candelabras, Wood Carved Iconostasis, Icon Stands, Prayer Ropes, Vestments, Baptismal and Holy Water Fonts, 24k gold plated and enamel Gospel Covers, and more.

Our items are hand made by family craftsmen in Greece. We stand by our products and only sell those which pass our high inspection standards.  


If you have a custom or special order just ask us and we can make it for you.  


We thank all our customers for their support and look forward to working with you for many more years. 

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